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Denali OB-GYN is now offering massage therapy. Our Licensed Massage Therapist is certified in many techniques including sports, prenatal, aroma therapy, and Swedish. Give us a call today to learn more.


Standard Massage

A full hour massage will include work on your neck, back, arms, legs, feet, hands, and shoulders using a variety of
massage techniques that may include ef eurage, petrissage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, deep tissue and sports massage techniques.

A half hour massage is a shorter version of the one hour massage, usually with focus to the neck, back, shoulders, and arms or low back and legs, depending on your needs.

Pregnancy Massage

The goal of pregnancy massage is to relax tense muscles, ease sore areas, improve circulation and mobility, and over all, just make you feel good! This massage is tailored speci cally to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies. Your massage therapist is speci cally trained in pregnancy massage and adjusts her techniques accordingly.
A pregnancy massage can be an hour or half hour in length.

If you would like a half hour pregnancy massage focused on your legs and feet to promote relaxation and improve circulation and mobility, let your massage therapist know.

AromaTouch Therapy with DoTerra Essential Oils $80*

The DoTerra AromaTouch massage uses eight oils that promote relaxation and stress relief. It offers immune support, decreases pain and in ammation and helps elevate mood. It is an extremely relaxing and gentle technique.
AromaTouch Therapy may only be performed on pregnant women in their 2nd or 3rd trimester.

Hot Stone Massage $125*

Hot stone massage is a therapy in which warmed stones are incorporated into massage and are positioned on parts of your body in order to rid muscles of tension and stiffness. This therapy also increases circulation and metabolism.
Hot stone massage should be avoided by those who are pregnant or have high blood pressure.

*these massage types cannot be billed to your insurance, payment is expected at time of service.