How to Make an Appointment Print This Page

    1. Scheduling your appointment: Be specific about what you want to be seen for (For example: annual female exam with a Pap, or without, birth control, urinary tract infection, first prenatal exam, etc.). This will help us book the right amount of time for you to meet with your provider.
    2. Make a list of questions or things you want to discuss: Identify what is most important to address. If you have multiple topics to discuss, a second appointment may need to be scheduled.
    3. Bring in your medications and supplements: Bring a list of these items to each appointment. Make sure to include how much and how often you take them.
    4. During your visit be as specific and concise as possible: When did the problem start, describe how it affects your everyday life, what makes it better, what makes it worse and if you’ve seen anyone else about it. This will help your provider understand your concern and help develop an action plan.
    5. Labs: If you have been seen at Denali OB-GYN Clinic before, call and speak to your provider’s assistant about having labs drawn a week before your appointment so that you can discuss the results.
    6. Medication refills: These can be handled quicker if you call your pharmacy first to have them send us the refill or renewal request. Be aware, these refills can take up to 24 hours for our office to process.
    7. Come early: There may be paperwork for you to fill out. This is especially true if you are a new patient or we have not seen you for over a year. Bring your insurance information. On our forms section, you can print off the necessary paperwork to complete before your appointment if you would like. Visit our Patient Forms page to complete the necessary forms before you arrive.
    8. Medical History: Know your history or any changes from last time you saw us.
    9. Sensitive questions: Sometimes we may ask sensitive questions. Please answer honestly and completely.
    10. Ask questions: When you don’t understand, ask us. Feel free to call the office after your appointment if you need clarification. We are here to help.